Talents Exchange Activity

International Semiconductor Alliance / Talents Exchange Activity
Indonesia and Vietnam Exchange Activities in September, 2023

Delegation Members

In response to the progress and application of innovative technologies such as AIoT and 5G, and to accelerate the development of the semiconductor industry, Taiwan is actively promoting the education and training of semiconductor talents. Through the establishment of the “International Semiconductor Industry-Academia Exchange Alliance”, Taiwan is able to combine the academic and technical strength of more than 70 domestic and foreign enterprises, schools and research institutions in the global semiconductor sector to provide thematic training courses covering design, advanced manufacturing process and materials and advanced packaging and testing of high-end chips, which will meet the needs of the semiconductor industry for high-end technologies and talents with a comprehensive and systematic training mode. Taiwan will strive to maintain its leading edge in the global semiconductor industry and continue to strengthen the cooperation with foreign academic institutions and its international talent strategies. On this basis, Taiwan will carry out long-term exchange on international talents and technologies and build a high-level talent development system for its semiconductor industry.

In recent years, Taiwan's semiconductor industry has diversified its talent recruitment objectives. Through the international talent exchange and recruitment activities jointly organized with polytechnics in Southeast Asian countries, Taiwan aims to optimize the environment and talent training mechanism of its semiconductor industry, so as to provide the best semiconductor research and employment environment for international talents.

The Development of the Semicondoctor Industry


To organize the “2023 Southeast Asian Semiconductor Talents Exchange Delegation of the Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs” together with Taiwan’s semiconductor enterprises and colleges to encourage foreign colleges and universities to join the “International Semiconductor Industry-Academia Exchange Alliance”, so as to deepen the exchange of international talents and technologies.

Prior to the recruitment activity
To integrate the resources of experts and scholars from polytechnics in Southeast Asian countries and the industrial, academic and research strength of Taiwan experts, to hold discussions on trends and technologies of the semiconductor industry and to promote preparatory courses such as “Fundamentals of Semiconductor Technology”, “Adaptability in the Workplace in Taiwan” and “Chinese for Daily Life”. To search and sort out the resumes of talents to establish an international talent pool for industrial and academic organizations of the semiconductor industry to pre-screen suitable talents.
During the activity
To carry out on-site talent recruitment and conduct talent selection and job matching interviews. To integrate the resources of internship, employment and study grant available from Taiwan’s semiconductor industry and academia to facilitate international talents to study and work in Taiwan.
After the activity
To set up an advanced job matching platform for posting resumes of international talents and publishing Taiwan’s semiconductor job openings and student recruitment information. To establish an online job matching and tracking mechanism for domestic and foreign partners and research institutions, so as to continuously enhance the connection between the supply and demand of semiconductor talents and optimize the resource of semiconductor talents on both sides.

Three channels for international talents to enter Taiwan’s semiconductor sector:

Channels For International Talents To Enter Taiwn's Semiconductor Sector

Channel 1
International talents who want to further their professional knowledge will have the opportunity to be admitted to Taiwan’s semiconductor research institutions, electronic and electrical machinery related master and doctor programs and other formal education with scholarships and internship programs. After graduation, they have the chance to work in world-class enterprises through job matching.

Channel 2
International talents with relevant academic background or some work experience will have the opportunity to undertake thematic course study to supplement their required functions and receive assistance in seeking employment through job matching.

Channel 3
For those with considerable work experience, Taiwan can provide employment matching services through industrial cooperation platforms to help international talents enter world-class semiconductor enterprises.

Expected Outcomes

The mechanism established by the Taiwan Government will accelerate the development of the schools, talents and enterprises in the semiconductor industry in Southeast Asian countries.

Cinque Terre
Universities and Colleges
To integrate the resources of the best schools and enterprises in the semiconductor industry in Taiwan and to introduce high-level technical engineers and world-class teachers. To promote inter-school exchange of teachers and talents. To enhance international industry-academia cooperation and to implement long-term and stable talent cooperation strategy.
Cinque Terre
To have access to a number of research institutions and leading enterprises in the semiconductor industry in Taiwan. To provide international talents with the best semiconductor learning and employment environment, coupled with thematic course study, international internship opportunities, study grant available and other assistance, so as to improve the professional skills and international vision of the talents.
Cinque Terre
Through the discussion of the latest technology and the exchange of talent strategies, the semiconductor industry is able to keep up with the development trend and market demand, so as to achieve the overall development and improvement of the industry.